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Don't know which places to visit in Bhutan? Find out what our local Pyala experts consider the best things to visit when travelling the country.

Best things to do in Bhutan

Do, explore, taste and more in Bhutan

There are many ways to explore the Bhutanese culture and scenery. Have you ever tried the Bhutanese food, for example, or are you familiar with the daily habits of Bhutanese people and how they live? How do you get to places where no one else gets? In other words, how do you get the best Bhutan experience? Here’s what our local Bhutan travelexperts consider to be the best things to do in order to make your Bhutan trip unforgettable.

Become a local!

Do you want to know what it’s like to live your life as people from Bhutan do? How they cook, how they live, what their daily duties are and how they prepare for the festivals? You have the opportunity to see the real Bhutan by staying with locals on their traditional farms. Especially for those who are interested in experiencing daily Bhutanese life up close, it’s possible to get this special and memorable experience! The nights are not always as comfortable as a hotel, but the host families will welcome you warmly without exception, which certainly makes up for the lack of comfort. They will show you how people in Bhutan live and teach you how to make delicious Bhutanese dishes. Do we need to say more?


A trekking should definately be on your list of things to do in Bhutan. Imagine the freedom, the wildlife and the nature along the way. There are several trekking tours you could do. The hike between Thimpu and Paro is one of the finest and easiest treks in Bhutan, but don’t underestimate the Druk Path; there is considerable climbing involved and the highest elevation you will reach is 4200 m. This trek is only possible from February to June and from September to December. This trip fits perfectly in a longer trip through Bhutan! It is also possible to do this trek in reverse order. Another amazing trekking is the one from Mongar to Trashiyangtse. This beautiful short trek over the Dong La Pass (4100 m) is far from civilization in Eastern - Bhutan. You will hike through dense green forests up to the stunning Dongla Pass, from which you have an extensive view of the Himalayas and can see all the way to Tibet. Then you begin a descent through the forest where you can see endemic flowers and where you will pass some settlements and pastures that seem totally cut off from the outside world. There is no way to access these areas by car, so the only visitors they get come by foot. A unique experience!

Climb up to the tiger's nest

Don’t be afraid of heights, because this monastery clings to a cliff, 3120 meters above sea level! Looking up from the Paro Valley to the Monastery makes you think it’s almost impossible to reach the temples. It’s a beautiful but strenuous hike to reach the monastery, as trail is almost entirely uphill. In about one hour after your start, you reach the first lookout point at the teahouse. Here you can have a drink while enjoying the view of the convent across the street.  From the teahouse you can continue the hike to visit the monastery itself. The path eventually leads to a set of stairs carved into the mountain surrounded by fluttering prayer flags. 

Dance and dream away

Colours, colours and more colours..... Dances performed by trained monks, people with amazing masks and costumes surrounded by the brightest colours, that’s what a Tsechu festival is all about. The reason for these amazing festivals, is to honour Guru Rimpoche, the saint who brought Buddhism to Bhutan. Visiting one of these events is probably one of the best ways to get to know the ancient living culture of Bhutan and for that reason they have a great audience each year. Have a chat with the locals, dress up in your brightest clothes and celebrate with them!

Bathing time

What could be more relaxing than a hot stone bath in the middle of beautiful Bhutan? Exactly, not much… There are different kinds of methods for the baths. Some put the hot stones in the tub while you’re in there, others do it before you enter the tub and others have an extra small tub attached to the big one, where they put the hot stones in. The amazing herbs which are being used, will give you the extra touch of relaxation. For some moments you dream away, enjoying the warm water in a lovely atmosphere. The people in Bhutan used to take these baths for medical reasons back in the old times. The minerals in the rocks and the clean spring water must have certain chemicals which have curative power.