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Pyala Travel creates Bhutan tailor made tours for everyone. Together with local operators you can customize and design your perfect tour.

Bhutan Tailor Made Tours

Custom individual tours to Bhutan

Let the travel experts of Pyala Travel customize your own private Bhutan tour. Get inspired by our comprehensive range of individual Bhutan tours and Bhutan travel modules that can be taken on their own or combined to create a unique experience of a lifetime. And why not round your trip out even further by including one of our Bhutan excursions or upgrading your hotel?

You can completely tailor your Bhutan tour to your interests, comforts, and needs. Depart when you want, travel with whom you want, and go where you want. By having an individual private tour you have complete flexibility in choosing your own Bhutan program.

We welcome you to create your own personalized tailor made Bhutan holiday with the travel experts of Pyala Travel.
On the Road in Bhutan

Pyala Travel uses good private cars or vans and reliable drivers. On the days a private car is included in your program, you can use it as you like, depart when you want, stop where you want. All extra costs (meals and accommodation for the driver, toll fees, parking fees, gas) are already included in your tour price.

We do our best to choose cozy, small-scale hotels that are centrally-located. On our website and in your tour proposal you can see our suggested hotels. In some places you can also upgrade your hotel to one of our more comfortable options. Or you can choose one of our homestays.

In Bhutan, a local, English-speaking guide is  always included in the tour price, as well as all excursions, entrances fees and meals.

Your tour is completely private, which means you don't travel as part of a larger international group. This is truly an individual tour, specially prepared to meet your needs and expectations.
That's why every Pyala Tour is unique!
International Flights to Bhutan

Pyala Travel doesn't book international flights. However, it's very easy to book a flight online on one of the many ticket sites.

The only airline that flies to Bhutan is Druk Air. We can easily book the Druk Air tickets for you. They fly from places like Delhi, Kathmandu and Bangkok to Paro in Bhutan.
Inquiries and bookings

Did you find the right Bhutan tour for you? Add the different travel products to your wishlist and ask Pyala Travel for a completely commitment-free tour proposal.

Are you satisfied with the proposal and want to book the tour? You can do this online, with the booking link which is included in your travel proposal.

If you don't find a Bhutan tour listed on our website that is quite right for you, there is always the possibility of a completely tailor-made a tour. These can also accommodate larger groups.
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