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Enhance your travelexperience in Bhutan and meet a local with one of our specially designed meet-a-local excursions, from cooking classes to city walks

Meet a Local in Bhutan

Personal encounters while traveling!

Our Meet-a-Local activities are especially recommended. Visit local people to share a cup of tea or even cook a meal together. You visit people in their private homes, see how they live, share their traditions, and exchange information and ideas. Or just have fun together!

Eating and cooking together is one thing, but there's even more! Take a walk through the city and see it through the eyes of a local, get to places you thought you never could visit, meet people, and smell and taste the local food during one of our street food tours.

All these Meet-a-Local activities are meant to give you a once-in a-lifetime experience!

You can find all our Meet-a-Local excursions in the excursions tab, which you will find in each tour, highlighted by the special Meet-a-Local logo. In Bhutan we offer the following Meet-a-Local activities:

On request we can arrange a visit to a traditonal Bhutanese family.They normally live in a house on stilts, so you enter the living room by climbing up stairs. The cooking area is separate from the dining area and in most cases you will be welcomed into the dining and living room. There you drink (milk) tea with the family or you will share a meal with them.Your guide acts as an interpreter. This meeting can be arranged before departure upon request. It doesn't cost anything extra because the meals and activities offered in Bhutan are already included in the tour price.
Bhutan , Home cooking together!

In this personal meeting with local people at their home and prepare a meal together. Along with the cook of the house you make the national dish Ema Datshi (Yak cheese with red peppers) or minced chicken with tomatoes and herbs (Jasha Maru) on the fireplace in the kitchen. Just because you do not speak each others native language it's a gret way to get in touch with each other. 

Let us know at you request or booking if you want to do this in Bhutan, and we will arrange it for you!