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Pyala Travel offers authentic, individual Belarus travel trips, customized for you by local operators. Choose a module, make it your own and journey through Belarus!

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Explore Belarus the Way we Do !

Travel to Belarus with Pyala is the very best way to get up close and personal with people, cultures and sceneries in Belarus in a way you’d never manage on your own. In our Belarus tours we bring people together through our meet-a-local-activities at home, day hikes in the countryside and local festivals. Experience our choice of small scaled hotels away from tourist traps and enjoy our  personal approach in designing your trip exactly the way you like.

You  book directly with a local Belarussian touroperator. They are the best source of up-to-date knowledge about traveling in Belarus and will customize your tailor-made holiday to Belarus. Together you will create your own Belarus travel experience that goes beyond the standard sightseeing tours. All payments will be done in a secure way through our European office, to make sure you travel with peace of mind!

Hi, I am Ina, your local travel agent.
Discover belarus with me!

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Hi, I am Ina, your local travel agent.
Discover belarus with me!

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